Naturia Hand Sanitizer Gel Plus

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Brand: Naturia

75% Isopropyl alcohol hand sanitizer to help reduce bacteria or microorganisms that potentially can cause disease. 

Professional Aid Antiseptic Gel

Beauty salons, waiting rooms, business with high frequency clients served on site and even households can now offer staff, clients and family members a safer and relaxed enviroment.

Make it easier to apply antiseptic gel and clean hands with this convenient 200 ml or 6.75 fl.oz bottle. 

Hand Sanitizer To Go

Not too big not too small, just the right size to offer enough protection, this easy to carry bottle will assist you anywere when protection is required or have it handy for those you care. 

How to Apply

  • Use the right ammount of Isopropyl alcohol gel for both hands.
  • Rubbing it all over the surfaces of both hands until your hands are dry
  • Do not wipe your hands or wash them after applying

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