About Us

What's all really about

two women and a dog under hair dryerSince 2001, USA Keratin has been creating products inspired to make the difference in the cosmetic and beauty industry across America and the world.

Just like you, we strive day after day to leave our clients in a better mood than how we found them.

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Our Alliance With You

Here at USA Keratin, we value quality and honesty above all else. Our products are always comprised of the purest, highest quality, natural and organic ingredients.

Each and every one of our products has been carefully and intelligently designed to deliver superior performance, this is our commitment with you. 

Order fulfilment and Warehouse

warehouse colorOur online shopping experience approach and order fulfilment is alway improving, we are investing in automation and inventory control. Once the order has been received by our warehouse, the individual items that make up your order are then picked off the shelves and transported to the packing station.

The packing station will go through a series of quality control checks and then move it to the shipping station where we deliver all the USA Keratin products to you.