Keratin Hair Straightening Packages

We have put together our best american products into comprehensive keratin treatments packages. All the products in each package are also available individually within our store. Enjoy.

Naturia eXtra Violette Package

For thick curly and damaged hair

Introducing Naturia's latest organic polymerization hair system. The eXtra Violette hair treatment promise to change your client's lifestyle and boots your sales.

A truly formaldehyde free treatment

extra violette keratin treatment package

Naturia Regular or eXtra Straightening Package

For super curly and damaged hair

Women around the globe have witnessed the spectacular results of these Brazilian Keratin Treatments. Naturia's salon exclusive and worldwide popular hair straightening formula that promotes hair growth and thickening.

Made in North America from organic ingredients, we proudly present this two packages for curly or extremely curly hair.

Naturia eXtra Violette Package

For Extreme damaged hair

This treatment will help to restore extremely damaged hair, restoring its healthy looking waves and smooth texture. The eXtra Wave formula leverage the scientifically proven Bio-Polymer Hair Treatment technology benefits to your salon.

extra wave keratin treatment package

More packages coming up soon