Salon Week Special Smoothing Treatment comes with Secret Gift!

$430.00 $250.00
Brand: Naturia

This week's Special Includes the following! 

1 (One) Naturia™ Organic Chamomile Clarifying Shampoo (500ml) 
1 (One) Naturia™ Organic & Vegan Full Size eXtra Violette Hair Smoothing Rejuvenative (1000ml) 

1 (One) Naturia™ Professional Organic Keratin Booster Treatment (Cuticle eXtra Sealer Ph4) 8.1 fl oz
1 (One) Naturia™ Professional  Keratin Travel Size  Shampoo & Conditioner COMBO (120ml / 4 oz) 
1 (One) Naturia™ Professional (Secret Gift) For Salon Use! 

And yes ! it is a free shipping special! 
(Next Day - FLORIDA USA) 

What is Naturia™ eXtra Violette?
It is a hair treatment that completely changes how smoothing-mild straightening.
(or Hair Botox) services are applied in salons today! 

It rejuvenates the hair structure (a light-straightener -Smoothing formula),  promotes hair growth, and gives a natural bouncing effect while projecting a stunning gloss, feeling softer and healthy. Based on previous hair analysis (hair structure and conditions), an experienced hair stylist will understand how long Naturia™ eXtra Violette stays on the hair (30 to 45min). Hence, the smoothing and straightening effects are satisfactory.